Blogging & Searching

As you may know I’m new here.  I’m finding some interesting people and subjects on WordPress and hope to get to know you.  I’m looking for my Facebook and Google friends but don’t quote know how to find them.

I hope in the future I can share more with you.  I think I listed some things about myself but I don’t know if I told you that I love to organize.  I even have an organizing blog. 

The world is full of chaos to me but I find peace within myself and order.  That’s what organizing is about.  My backyard is a different think.  It’s full of beauty when I see the birds, when I hear the sound of a bird, and when I look at the tress and plants I find peace.  In the evening it’s really beautiful when the sun is going down.  The sky turns into a beautiful azure color shades of orange and blue. 

Well now you know that side of me.  I have many different sides and later I share them with you.  No.  I’m not multiple personality just one of those eclectic people

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