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What a day… it has been filled with misconception, misunderstanding, and miscommunication. I’m beat! Today reminded me that we are not always understood.What is clear and sensible to me, may not be so to someone else. So, how do we deal with these missteps? Sadly, we often times continue to perpetuate the misdirection, by not taking the time to listen to and HEAR someone else’s point of view. It is okay (actually it’s right) to have an opinion and to have a moral code. It has been said that people who don’t believe anything will ultimately believe everything (right or wrong). Knowing what we believe (and why) gives us a sense of self and belonging.

listenToday I had to listen to what the people around me were saying. I had to understand things from their perspective (even if I didn’t always agree). It took time and patience (on my part – I am very…

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