Don’t Let Me In

Who left the gate open?  You think about inviting me in & to open the gate for me.  However you wonder should you.  You wonder should you leave the gate open for me

You may have good reasons to think about this to want me to come in but at the same thinking should you or not.  You are apprehensive.  You may have reason to be.  You know that I may come into your life and change your way with my ideas and my lifestyle values.  Not so much in a religious sense but what I value in life also.  You’re afraid I may spread my lifestyle & and way in your life.   Yes you have reason to be apprehensive about leaving the gate open because I have the same fears.  You may change me if I come into your life.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Me In

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  2. lsgrlr

    Thought provoking. Although, there are times that not letting something in can change your life as well. I am curious though, in this writing who is doing the talking? Who is asking to be let in?

      1. lsgrlr

        Interesting, so they are both feeling the same way…but aren’t sharing their fear with the other. That is such a picture of everyday life. Thanks for answering.

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