Wild Revelation

Of course I’m not material or so self-centered like some women.  i dont even look at shows like the Kardashians or Housewives of Orange County.  They’re so all about themselves.  I don’t wear stelettos.

Aah yes I go to Payless Shoe store about once a month and can’t get out of there without buying two pair shoes and I am often in sears.  However I am being frugal because it’s cheaper.  I don’t go to spas but yes I do buy Smashbox and Stila cosmetics.  Well yes I do shop at Sephora but no I’m not vain like those women on TV.

I can’t be  a shopaholic even though I go shopping once a week well maybe twice.  I do bargain shop.  I have been on a nail fast haven’t had a pedicure or manicure in at least two months.  I’m about to die from this fast.  I have to go to the nail shop as soon as I can.

No I’m not like those other materialistic, shallow women into clothes and beauty.  Who am I kidding!!!

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