This is an example of more than opinionated.

Shadows of Love

A lovely man is he.  He works and works to bring joy to others.  He is protective and stands behind those he loves and he loves fiercely.  He is vehement that his sons stand up and take responsibility as he was taught to do.  He is unswerving in his loyalty to his wife and providing for her.  He defends his daughters even after they have left the nest and his place of authority has been ceremonially relinquished to another.  He is a fixer; when he knows there is a problem, he will piddle and reconfigure until the solution is found.  He prefers the used and not the new.  He is frugal with his money although he gives generously.  Doing the right thing is very important to him.  His tithes and offerings are given each week; religious services are attended consistently and everyone knows on which pew he sits.  He speaks grace over every meal.  He…

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