As My Days Go

The last few days this week I have done some of our filing, a little cleaning and played a few piano solos on my keyboard.

I have managed to pray the bad feelings and thoughts out sometimes.  I have gotten samples of cosmetics in the mail which I ordered.  I like makeup even though I have a lot but don’t put very much on.  I am constantly organizing the stuff and find it fun. 

I listened to Rihannas CD and sang alone with her, fantasizing that I can sing as great as

her.  I went to Walmarts last weekend and even though I picked up quite a few things I decided not to get the CD’s I want, after seeing it was rather hard to find them.  Of course I have Norah Jones lastest and can play hers and sing along with her.  When I want something different I’ll play Santana.

I went out  today to run some errands.  I enjoyed the beautiful spring day and seeing people, some smiling, some not, probably thinking I may not be so friendly as I was thinking about them.  I usually go to a drugstore as I did today about once a week and stock up on personal stuff and fun stuff for the weekend.  Sometimes a movie, CD, a magazine, and I confess treats. Maybe I’ll buy a case of wine coolers or a nifty margarita in a envelope that is already mixed.  I didn’t today since I decided a coke or pepsi would do. 

Sure I bought things I really need like toothpaste and mouthwash but I had to look at the different displays of makeup and glanced at the organizers.  I confess I did buy the Cover Girl/Oil of Olay cream powder.  Well we all have our weaknesses.



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