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Do you ever wish for the old, miss things of your childhood, your younger years?  It may be a good things.  Sometimes in this changing, chaotic, fast-paced time we may need this. 

I’m not saying to dwell on the past.  However I like old movies, especially black and white.  They seem more simple, peaceful and less violent.  I like to look at treelined streets, old houses and they still exists today.  I find old houses awesome. I mean older than mine.  I live in an old house.

I catch the doo wop programs on PBS and listen to oldies but goodies.  I find it refreshing and takes my mind off the crime in my city  and the news about the muggings and groceries being taken from two young women when they came out of the grocery store.  Yes in  the local shopping center that I go to every week. 

I’m getting angry now so I’ll go…

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