Order & Organizing In A Chaotic World

So my world is full of chaos.  Sometimes my mind is in more chaos than my home.  My house can be organized, everything in place, and my mind can still be going twenty different ways.

This can be a fast-paced hectic world.  A priest once said an orderly house makes an orderly mind.  It helps but I’ve found on my journey that sometimes not so.  Bad relationships, interferring people, negative thoughts and even the news can affect our minds.  I sometimes have to turn off the news.

Current events in our lives can cause us stress and even panic attacks.  I think I had one

when I clicked on the computer one morning and read that we had been attacked, 9/11.  The unthinkable had happened and I think I had a panic attack. This is just one example.

Sometimes we try to do too much, multitasking.This is when my mind goes twenty ways and I become stressful.  I have to stop, tell myself if I get one important or the most important thing done today it’s bettery than ten.

Of course when it comes to thinking of too many things that I want to do or places to see I tell myself to enjoy what I can do.  I have the rest of my life to look foward to the others.

It’s all about dealing with stress in the world, your home and how it affects you.  I’ll probably be writing more about stress and organizing later. In fact I have an organizing blog on the internet.


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