DAY 100

I wrote negative things but I do have a lot to be thankful for.


i am thankful chalkboardWow, a hundred days! Where has this year gone? Today I am blown away that I have kept at this blog for 100 days. Not because I am lazy, but because I have truly been blessed to find a reason to be thankful every day for the past 100 days. This made me wonder why I was unable to do so in years past. My answer? You have to look for it. Finding thankfulness requires you to seek. The world is filled to the brim with negativity. We don’t have to look far to find disappointment or discontentment. Often times they are like flashing neon signs obstructing our view from “the good” and “the right”. What I have learned in these 100 days is that good things are all around me. In fact, I would even dare say that good things are flooding me. Why wasn’t I able to see…

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