So What’s It To You


So what’s it to you.  I’m a retired houseewife with a daughter who has a daughter.  So among my favorite stars are Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Brad Pitt is pretty cute.  Oh I do like old movies besides the Twighlight Saga.

I still like to dance and pretend Ican sing.  I especially sing along with Norah Jones.  In the 70’s it was Olivia Newton Jones.  I like experimenting with makeup and follow and I am friends with some of the younger online fashionista bloggers.  some of them don’t even have children.   You’ll find skinney jeans and the latest denim jacket in my closet.

At the same time you’ll get tired of me bragging about my beautiful grandaughter.  I’ve grown to like the gray in my hair, after having a bad dye job and realizing it could fall out.

So what’s it to you.  Oh well I’ve grown out of Victoria Beckham.  David Beckham is much cuter.






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