Ever see the lady with the perfect house, perfect makeup and family. She seems to have it all together.
I tried being like that once. Sticking to a schedule, always madeup and hair done. Well not always, but I tried.

I tried it with the kid. Soon I noticed my child wasn’t her old self. She didn’t play or laugh like she used to. I didn’t like that. I liked her freer. I noticed something about me too. I felt like a robot and probably came off like that to others with my journey in trying to achieve perfectionism. I didn’t stop what I was doing to give time to my family when they needed me. In fact I don’t think my family liked the new me.

I had lost part of me and the fun out of just being me in life. So out went the new and in with the new me. Sometimes we have to gain perpespective in life. We have to look at ourselves. We may not be like that lady or person we admire but have qualities that person doesn’t. Sometimes we may start to dislike something in ourselves that is a truly great quality. Don’t compare yourselves to others. Just work for the better you or you may be fine just as you are.

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