So Who Are You?

Lady: So who are you dressed so beautiful and smart?
Not in a dowdy housedress and plain hairdo like me.
I could never get my hair like that or even look like you.

Answer: Yes you can.

Lady: You mean I can? I could? No I never could.
Who are you standing there looking so smart and sophisticated?
You look like somebody I may know but I just can’t think of who.
Maybe I saw you in a magazine or something. Yes. That’s it.

Answer: Oh I’ve been around a long time waiting for you to leave.
You see I’m the other side of you waiting to come out.

Lady: I long to be but I know I can’t.

Answer: Yes you can. You deserve to be. When you realize that
you will be.

Lady: You’re right. I think I do. I do deserve to be and I’ll come to be.


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