Organizing & Depression

Is organizing depressing? Of course not. You feel like you’ve accomplished something afterwards and everything looks better.
Organizing can be creating or recreating.

I look around in my room if I get depressed. I stay in my room much of my time and it’s sort of my woman cave. I have moods and my room changes with them’

I find a lot of treasures to put or decorate my room and home with. I love to go looking at the Goodwill Store, thrift shops, The Dollar Tree etc. I find many things for little or nothing. I looked at the Office stores and furniture stores for a desk I wanted to no avail. They seemed to be mostly table tops without the drawer space I was looking for.

My husband and I passed a yard sale and I found just the desk I wanted. It was quite durable too, and small enough to fit in a corner of my room. It also has four drawers in it. Guess what? It only cost me twenty dollars.

I said earlier I have moods and my room changed with them. If I am in a serene mood I may clear all the clutter off my dresser and put a lovely vase with a flower on it. I even bought seashells which I put in a round vase and placed it there.

A fun mood may catch me copying a makeup artist and placing makeup on it, displaying the colorful bottles and lipsticks. Don’t leave things the same if you find yourself depressed. Recreate and change things around and add touches to your home.

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