Daily Post: Adult Visions

As a kid I had a vision of my adult life. I’d be able to do anything I wanted to. I’d be freer than ever. My marriage would be a fairytale. It would be a husband who adored me and my every wish would be his command.

Of course I’d only work for the first year of our marriage. Then we’d have two children and buy a home.

Was I ever wrong. I forgot that maybe I’d be single and have to provide for myself. I didn’t realize that my parents provided everything for me. After a divorce and one child I had to really face the world and work. Also when I was married. It wasn’t the glamorous office world in the movies but a hard daily grind and worried about a child I had to leave at home with babysitters or a preschool.

I suffered from depression because my life wasn’t a fairytale. Who’s is. My daughter bought me out of this in her teen years. She said Mom you have to come out of the life that’s the little white picket fence, the one man all your life and the children. What a doll. She could see what I couldn’t see. I went on to enjoy my life as a single Mom and then to marry a wonderful man whom I’ve been with for about 26 years.

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