Peace is a valuable thing. It can’t be bought and sometimes you have to work at it to have it. If you have it guard it, hoard it and love it. It is one of those things that is priceless. Some people who are wealthy in money and material things don’t have it. They are too busy chasing the dream to enjoy it. They spend their time trying to make more money or they’re afraid of losing what they have. This creates chaos.

Some poor people don’t have it because of many reasons. If you want peace you have to learn to put negative thoughts out of your mind and sometimes even about other people. if others have hurt you and you hold grudges and constantly think about those things it becomes like a festering sore that never heals. Healing comes with putting it out of your mind and moving on.

If you’re around somebody who is negative or a pessimist the best thing you can do is try to get away from that person. They’re just bring you down with their negative thinking or put you down which is the same thing.

Learn to clear your mind of the clutter. Find a quiet place and listen to soft meditating music. I often do this and put myself in another place, maybe a quiet country road or imagine a quiet, happy peaceful life. Soon I become like this. Yes. Free your mind.

1 thought on “Peace

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