Wrong For Me Or Not

I call to you and I see you. Something says run from you. I am afraid of myself. I may grow to love you. You are so unlike me, Yet I see a lot of myself in you.

I have been kept away from you sheltered from one who may be wrong for me but I know I am happy with you. I am just afraid of a part of me, afraid to live your life. It calls to me though and I am afraid to see or live your life which may be more exciting. Am I to stay in my comfort zone which I am unhappy in. No I don’t think so. I’ll take a chance on life and start to live.

I have been raised to stay with your own kind. What is that? People who have my values and life. I see that in you amidst the excitement of you. No I am ready to come out and be with you and live. I’ll cross over to your life and live yours. I will be fulfilled.

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