My Value

My value is worth more than money. There’s no price on it. When I do things for others I feel good. When my soul and heart goes out to someone and I can feel for someone who has something bad happen to them like being robbed or mugged I can’t buy that feeling. I can only give it and help if I can.

A Mother who gives her children her time and understanding whether is talking to them or playing with them is giving something priceless
My daughter was an only child and she expressed the feeling to me or fear of losing me to causes. She read a story about a girl who’s Mother was active in causes and never home. The girl rebelled. My daughter called this kind of Mother a PTA Mother. I smiled almost in awe that my daughter would feel this way;. I assured her that I’d always be there for her and I wouldn’t be this. To tell you the truth I was glad.
I did things with her like going for walks. the park and playing games like monopoly and Trouble I think she really enjoyed this and felt fulfilled because of this. Time spent with her was worth more than money.

Yes I often think of this. My daughter is grown and not in the home now. I just thought of my husband and realize he may need my attention and to do things with him.

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