A State Of Mind, A State Of Being

Yes your state of mind affects what you do and how you perceive of Yourself.
When people criticized me I just knew that they were insecure or jealous.

When I had breast cancer surgery inn 2014 because of it I couldn’t do somethings until my arm healed. The bad part about this is I got into a state of thinking I couldn.t do some things. Truthfully I just realized that I can do somethings that I did before. I did the washing. Somebody else was. However it didn’t work out
because I was depressed and falling into a state of incompetence.
Now I realize that I can and ready to take the world on.

4 thoughts on “A State Of Mind, A State Of Being

  1. Eric Alagan

    Very true, Shalilah.
    We can motivate or discourage ourselves by our state of mind,
    People’s criticism – true – when and in what manner they convey it, reveals more about them than it does about us.


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