The Maze I am In

I walk through this maze of life and try to find my own mind, some peace among the chaos.  I am reading about Buddha and wonder if I already have these advocates these thoughts in me.  Are they buried with other thoughts from other people.  I think I have changed because others want me to and have.  Deep down I know I haven’t and I may be buried underneath them, my mind, my soul.  Will reading about this foreign thing to me change me.  I don’t think so probably just bring me back to myself and I’ ll have the peace of mind I so badly want.  Peace is truly finding oneself. and maybe coming back.

1 thought on “The Maze I am In

  1. Eric Alagan

    We keep picking our way through the maze of life – not knowing what the next bend brings, whether we are progressing or going in circles. Perhaps life does not lead to a destination. Perhaps it is just a journey. In which case, it matters not what we achieve – for striving is achievement enough. Perhaps.


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