The nation and Looking On

I have become negative an depressed sometimes panicky. I think it is awful for a person to cry inside feeling helpless.

I tlold myself not to turn on the news today. Iam nervous listening to it. What has my country become , politicins stabing each other, shootings in school, malls, and driveby shootings.  Then bo,mbing places or shooting people because they are worshiping i n a place they choose and are a diferent race.

Can I get some feedback to give me hope.bless you .


1 thought on “The nation and Looking On

  1. Eric Alagan

    Thankfully, the people who commit these atrocities are a tiny minority – and very sick.

    The vast majority – vast majority – all over the world are decent human beings trying their best to bring happiness to their loved ones and for themselves. We are part of this majority – you and I.



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