Ending & Beginninģ

So the yeaŕ is ending.  I look at it as anticipating the new year.  I have been practing the tools for health.  Theu are  exercise,  grooming like everyday fixing my hair and makeup and eatting healthy, also lose weight.

I play my keyboard to relieve stress.  I must confess I look to the stars and enjoy the fashions and different looks.  I am a senior citizen but sometimes inside  I feel young.  Even so I am no Cardi B or black China I can find something in me that is like them.  I keep up with the tomes.

I think politics is crazy even though I look at CNN everyday and the news.  I realize that America is divertsified nation.  I pray that I don,t hate but understand.

Goodby for now and have a prosperous New Yeaŕ.

1 thought on “Ending & Beginninģ

  1. Eric Alagan

    Hello Shalilah,

    “I pray that I don’t hate but understand” – that’s a wonderful resolution.

    Like you, I try harder to understand. Quite often, I succeed. I’m sure you do too – succeed. I’ve stopped hating long ago – and what a relief that. We’re both on the right track, I reckon.

    All good wishes for the year ahead,


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