Myself And Me

Forgive me if you don,t like me.  I am try to please another side og me.  One ome is so nice and goody goody she,s even boring to me.  I am depressed by her and her hate of me.

I finally say to myself I really don,t care about you.  You can go to hell  you finally leave me.  I play my cd,s come out and put aside you I like to shop and dress up. I Wear cute pencil dresses.  I like my black one and my red dress and red shoes .

However I put on another outfit that may be plain and a bit frumpy because you came back to tell me don,t go to far because I will be sending the wrong message.

I wish I could go.  shopping but the mall is closeď because of the virus.  This is on of my favorite things.  I live thouģh and happy with myself  well sometimes.



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