Me and being left or Me and leaving Him

I have been throuģh a marriage in the 70,s that has carried over even now.

Did he leave me or did I leave him? The answer is both. I felt lost ànd scared to be alone and worried about how I was going to take care of myself and and my daughter.I knew deep down inside I wanted a divorce. I KNOW that this ma man who stayed out until 3 oclock in the morning in bars and other plaçes just wasn,t right for me. When he took me out he waß flirting and talking to other women .

I finally got myself together and became a preschool teacher and got an Aa degree a person I did not know. I also finished an Aa degree and got a degree in office work.

so he gave me my freedom and I wanted it. So both of ùs ĺeft.

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