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About shalilah2002

Love music especially rhythm and blues. I also like organizing and have a blog giving organizingtips. There are many things and interests I have too many to mention here. However I will tell more about myself later.

Myself And Me

Forgive me if you don,t like me.  I am try to please another side og me.  One ome is so nice and goody goody she,s even boring to me.  I am depressed by her and her hate of me.

I finally say to myself I really don,t care about you.  You can go to hell  you finally leave me.  I play my cd,s come out and put aside you I like to shop and dress up. I Wear cute pencil dresses.  I like my black one and my red dress and red shoes .

However I put on another outfit that may be plain and a bit frumpy because you came back to tell me don,t go to far because I will be sending the wrong message.

I wish I could go.  shopping but the mall is closeď because of the virus.  This is on of my favorite things.  I live thouģh and happy with myself  well sometimes.



So What Is Happening?

The virus we are all going through is devastating to mè.  I havestayed in my homè 2 or 3 weeks.  I just go to doctor,s appointments.  I am going out tomorrow for my annual mammeogram hoping I won,t have breast cancèr again.

I may bè frivolous but I wish I couĺd go on a shopping trip.  I would get one of those beautìful bags., also some cosmètics.  There is nòthing that makes me feel good than shopping and of course a good medical report.

I,live is what I want to shout to the world! I hàve bouts òf depression but I am not suicidal becaùse I know that other thingß will come my way.  I alßò have my beautiful daughter and grandaughter.  Alßo a caring husband.

Wish me luck and blessings to you.

The Ultimate Article Writing Checklist

I can learn from this.

The Art of Blogging

Because even if you know, in theory, what are the ingredients to a great blog post, sometimes it’s easy to forget.

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Journey Goes On

So I haven,t been writing. I nearly gave up. I couĺdn,t seem to get it together. HOWever this viŕus is sométhing that affects us all. I am wearing thé mask, wiping everthing with wet and wipes and washing my hands more.I am staying in and haven,t gone out since Monday when I saw my doctor for medicatioñ.

I hope we can come together and help each other. I am stressed I am going back to what I call my tools.
That is reading, playiñg music
My keyboard, exercising if just dancing around the house.
I like reading organizing, books dealing with stress I belong to a group onFacebook that is called depression and anxiety. It helps.

I hope this helps some. May God be with us.

Heŕe I Go Again

So Ì havent written in awhilè.  I don,t think my last posting showed  That,s my life.  I wonder i I am being myself half the time.  I fight hating and getting angry.  So what if a lady did not speak or smile to me. Who am I? Somebody who will not smile or speak because I don,t like to be snubbed.

However I know there are frieñdly people in mý world.  I get so irritable with my mate. We are together all day and both senior citizens.  I can,t get used to this age thing.  I let the young woman rule and play my cds.  I like rhythm and blues.  I also like the show Growing Up Hip Hop. I don,t likè shows that are sex and violence.

I am disgusted with politics and find Donald Trump insulting.  I think he may stay in òfficè because a lot of people are not satisfied with this disified nation.  Any comments on this are welcomed



The Journey

So a part of the journey has ended.  MY doctor Ive seen for years has retired I went n to see him today.  He is a good man and even though  i wont be seeing him he is a part of me and My thoughts .

I feel serene and peaceful.  There is another side of me that will guide me.  I am waiting to meet her when all of me is together.  I will keep in touch.

Where am I?

So you like the color of my skin a bit light skin. My hair I wear straight or curly. You say my legs are sexy

You wonder why I am so quiet almost sad.  It,s because you don,t see the woman underneath  I am afraid to express myself. I didn,t get to where I am now.  It is not by my looks but hard work jobs or being a housework.

I refused to become a sex symbol and was harrased.  I knew though I wouldn,t be the strong woman I am.  A man did tell me that my strength was my beauty. That made me feel great.  That is great and makes me fulfilled.


A Little About Me

I found myself and I really like me. Hating and jealousy makes me miserble.  I say to myself everyday that I am blessed.  To some I have a lot and to some a little.  I ts a lot to me.

There was a time in life that I had less.  I was in a rut but I knew I would have more someday I do now.  I can go shoping and do other things. I have a problem though.  I can,t seem to walk around my nèighberhood  I was met by some dogs one time.  I didn,t get or anythng but I have to get enough courage and build up energy and confidence

I don,t know why I have anxiety panic episodes but I know that I will come out of it.





So where am I

I am in the proçess of organizing or just getting rid of junk.  I never thought I would get rid of makeup but here I am sorting and realize some are, old or just to dark or I never use.

After my husband pointed out that the makeup was to dark or dripped under my eyes I decided less is more.

However I also donated or threw away  clothes and other things.  I still have more work to do.  I do this whenever my rooms began to look  like a goodwill store.  I feel better now and hopefully I won,t shop and replace these thngs that I don,t need.

Good day and here,s to minimum.