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This Is Me

I haven,t posted in a while.  I could not seem to get it together.  However I decided to just write whatever.  Please forgive me if I make errors.  I decided to take the day off and not to worry about housework or hobbies that I call tools for stress.

I will eventually go out and look in the stores and reward myself with fast food.  I do this about once a week.  It keeps me from feeling like a recluse that doesn,t know what,s going on in the world.  The tv gives me some insight and news.

I have learned not to always bèlieve what I read about the stars.  I noticed that these so called beautiful and rich people marriages don,t last long.  So I try not to copy them but learn from them.

I think Jada Pinket Smith has a lot of depth to her as well as beàuty and I admire a few others in the news.  I admire Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi.  Also Michelle Obama.  I am reading her book, Becoming Me

Well I have to close now but must tell you that I càn be fragile but become strong and rise above things.



Knowledge Is Wealth

I hear about wealthy people have fallen from grace  Some try to keep being a person to the public that they are not. They are hypocrites  I never wanted to do this  I knew the danger of this.

I live by Why think of those who have more than you when so many have less.  I count my blessings, a warm comfortable home, clothes and food. I like to shop and can buy a few things from the drugstore weekly and the mall.  I do have gratitude.  There was one time in my life when I couldn,t do this and wore hand me downs.

I guess because of my faith I knew I would get better.  My relationships didn,t last long, two very short marriages. This was devastating. Iwas raised that,marriage was  forever.  However along came a man that made me feel secure and I have been with him for about 30 years.  We wore married in 1988

Yes I am blessed and grateful.

Youth In A Bottle

The manufactures of the beauty products may promise to erase lines and even wrinkles. They don’t. I looked at a program on this and the Doctors say no.

If the moisturizers and cleansers make you feel better and even look better use them. I think moisturizers give me a glow. Plastic surgery, botox, to erase lines and wrinkles I don’t care for. A lady once told me she would not go through any pain that she didn’t need except for health.

I feel the same way. In fact some people look better as they age. I think sometimes it is from eating right, exercising and generally taking care of oneself. Exercising and proper grooming routines help. This is what I do. If I feel that a cosmetic works for me I stick to that rather than trying everything on the market. If you feel good on the outside it will show on the outside

When I am feeling down about myself I practice affirmations about myself . I think I must like myself because I can have fun alone and do things like going to the mall and even the library and enjoy myself. Hope you have enjoyed these tips, Love
others but don’t forget yourself and take care of yourself.

My Value

My value is worth more than money. There’s no price on it. When I do things for others I feel good. When my soul and heart goes out to someone and I can feel for someone who has something bad happen to them like being robbed or mugged I can’t buy that feeling. I can only give it and help if I can.

A Mother who gives her children her time and understanding whether is talking to them or playing with them is giving something priceless
My daughter was an only child and she expressed the feeling to me or fear of losing me to causes. She read a story about a girl who’s Mother was active in causes and never home. The girl rebelled. My daughter called this kind of Mother a PTA Mother. I smiled almost in awe that my daughter would feel this way;. I assured her that I’d always be there for her and I wouldn’t be this. To tell you the truth I was glad.
I did things with her like going for walks. the park and playing games like monopoly and Trouble I think she really enjoyed this and felt fulfilled because of this. Time spent with her was worth more than money.

Yes I often think of this. My daughter is grown and not in the home now. I just thought of my husband and realize he may need my attention and to do things with him.

This Is Where I am

Where do I go from here. I feel as if I am just being taken apart. I had two surgeries in2014 because of breast cancer. Recently I had two surgeries on my eyes for cataracts. The healing process after breast cancer surgery was very uncomfortable sometimes painful.
The healing process of eye surgery is just uncomfortable and one of my eyes still itch.

One of me feels like I am falling apart at this age and some problem always comes up. Besides that I have suffered with depression for years. Yes I feel like this. However the other side of me feels like I have been given a new life and I have a stronger faith and relationship with God.

I am going to go through a rejuvenation starting with a new makeover. I have already thrown some of my makeup away and bought new. I don’t want to infect my eyes with old. I heard you can get infected by it. I am also trying to lose weight and eating less and staying away from foods that can make my blood sugar up and cancer causing.

This is nice but I know I have to take care of my spirit and live again and not be afraid. I’ll try to look on the positive side.

Just A Number

She feels pretty good about herself. She has been told how good and young she looks for her age .She decided it’s best for her and others not to think about that age or number. It’s just putting yourself into a box.

You say age appropriate but I don’t know what that means. I wear what looks good on me and I do what makes me feel good. I confess I do use more concealer though when I dress. lol

I practice rituals now. I try to eat foods that prevent cancer and other health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. I awake and try to put the house and especially my room in order and I do drink coffee and little coke or pepsi. I only allow me a fourth of a glass of the sugary drink I stopped eating the candy and stopped buying the cookies because my blood sugar will go up. I try to get some exercise everyday and of course I stopped the cigarettes and don’t smoke after years of it.

For the ladies I put a little moisturizer on my face after shower and put a little makeup on . Yes it’s a lifestyle change that I work for everyday. I think a lot of people are doing it. We know more about health issues. Years ago we didn’t have all these health tips and information.