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The nation and Looking On

I have become negative an depressed sometimes panicky. I think it is awful for a person to cry inside feeling helpless.

I tlold myself not to turn on the news today. Iam nervous listening to it. What has my country become , politicins stabing each other, shootings in school, malls, and driveby shootings.  Then bo,mbing places or shooting people because they are worshiping i n a place they choose and are a diferent race.

Can I get some feedback to give me hope.bless you .


The Daily Post Satisfaction Of A List

List of why Disco will Always be In

The people who danced to it in the 70’s won’t to bring it back and are.

The younger generation likes it.

It’ll always be cool.

Prince is still in the news.

For some people it never went out.

A lot of people prefer it to rap.

KC & The Sunshine band are back.


Mademoiselle Chanel and The Secret behind “The Secret”

I love these pictures and may include them in a photobook of my internet friends and fashionistas.

Evelina Galli

Mademoiselle Chanel introduced the Chanel Jacket in the1920es as an alternative to corseted look popular at that time. It symbolized women’s liberation, youthfulness and sportiness…but for me today it symbolizes the “magic power” of thought.

The “magic power” to think of an idea, then make it and then see hundreds of people wearing it! Wearing someone’s thoughts! Isn’t that magical?

Evelina Galli

This brings me to the missing element in the movie “The Secret”( I am sure everyone has seen it or heard of it by now). The concept there is “think of something and it will happen”…maybe they are being much more esoteric then I can comprehend…but it would mean sitting in your room, meditating all day “I want gold,”  and seeing gold coins magically appear on the floor…how many people have experienced that?

Evelina Galli …But I am sure many people have had ideas/visions in their minds which became…

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DAY 100

I wrote negative things but I do have a lot to be thankful for.


i am thankful chalkboardWow, a hundred days! Where has this year gone? Today I am blown away that I have kept at this blog for 100 days. Not because I am lazy, but because I have truly been blessed to find a reason to be thankful every day for the past 100 days. This made me wonder why I was unable to do so in years past. My answer? You have to look for it. Finding thankfulness requires you to seek. The world is filled to the brim with negativity. We don’t have to look far to find disappointment or discontentment. Often times they are like flashing neon signs obstructing our view from “the good” and “the right”. What I have learned in these 100 days is that good things are all around me. In fact, I would even dare say that good things are flooding me. Why wasn’t I able to see…

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Order & Organizing In A Chaotic World

So my world is full of chaos.  Sometimes my mind is in more chaos than my home.  My house can be organized, everything in place, and my mind can still be going twenty different ways.

This can be a fast-paced hectic world.  A priest once said an orderly house makes an orderly mind.  It helps but I’ve found on my journey that sometimes not so.  Bad relationships, interferring people, negative thoughts and even the news can affect our minds.  I sometimes have to turn off the news.

Current events in our lives can cause us stress and even panic attacks.  I think I had one

when I clicked on the computer one morning and read that we had been attacked, 9/11.  The unthinkable had happened and I think I had a panic attack. This is just one example.

Sometimes we try to do too much, multitasking.This is when my mind goes twenty ways and I become stressful.  I have to stop, tell myself if I get one important or the most important thing done today it’s bettery than ten.

Of course when it comes to thinking of too many things that I want to do or places to see I tell myself to enjoy what I can do.  I have the rest of my life to look foward to the others.

It’s all about dealing with stress in the world, your home and how it affects you.  I’ll probably be writing more about stress and organizing later. In fact I have an organizing blog on the internet.


Quick Tip: Five a Day

I’ll remember this good tip.

The Daily Post

Most of us start blogs both because we want to write and we want to connect to others — if you weren’t interested in the connection piece, you’d just keep a private diary. But unlike other online communities like Facebook, where we go to connect to friends and family, most of us hope our blogs will reach beyond those immediate circles to the wider world.

While I like to cultivate the secret fantasy that the sheer force of my genius will propel my blog to viral fame, a three-book deal, and a recurring correspondent role on The Daily Show, my realistic blogger self knows that it takes time and effort to build an engaged readership. (Some genius doesn’t hurt.) (Also: Jon Stewart, call me. I’m totally available.)

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