The Same Old Dress

She wears the same old dress. She doesn’t have time to fix herself up. She gives all to her husband and her three children. She’s busy cleaning and cooking and taking care of the kids.

They occasionally go out but she never buys anything new to wear or go to the beauty shop or bother with makeup. Her husband has his night out with the boys and she stays home with the kids.

She notices that some of the women take care of their families but they have girls night out and wonder how some of them have the latest hairstyles, makeup and wear cute clothes. She puts those thoughts out because her kids and husband comes first and thinks she would be being frivolous spending money on herself.

However she notices that sometimes her husband has a wandering eye and looks at the other women in the neighborhood and wishes she were more like them. She voices her concerns to a friend. The friend says do something for yourself. You’ll me better for your family if you take care of yourself. The friend takes her to a beauty shop, teaches her to fix her hair and tells her to skimp a little off the household budget. She does that herself. They go shopping and she buys a new dress. Her friend takes her to a beauty shop and she gets one of the latest styles. Her friend teaches her how to fix her hair. Her friend takes her to a drugstore and they pick out makeup for her. She learns how to use makeup.

Her husband takes notice and loves it but what happened to my wife? What caused her to make such a big change in herself he says to a friend? The friend says it’s simple She got tired of wearing the same old dress..
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Some people are in a rut. They can hardly make it. I was once I was taking care of my daughter and myself alone. I could just pay the rent and buy food for,us.
I became so depressed I was ill. Sometimes Iwas able to take her to playland and to the hamburger stand once a month I didn,t give up hope though. I knew things could get better. It did. My income went up. I Wwas even able to,go to
School. These were happy times.

Now I am married since 1988 happily and my daughter is a school teacher I,also have a beautiful granddaugter.

The point I want to make is,never give up. You can make things or your lifes yle or anything you want to. Wishing you peace and happiness.

Knowledge Is Wealth

I hear about wealthy people have fallen from grace  Some try to keep being a person to the public that they are not. They are hypocrites  I never wanted to do this  I knew the danger of this.

I live by Why think of those who have more than you when so many have less.  I count my blessings, a warm comfortable home, clothes and food. I like to shop and can buy a few things from the drugstore weekly and the mall.  I do have gratitude.  There was one time in my life when I couldn,t do this and wore hand me downs.

I guess because of my faith I knew I would get better.  My relationships didn,t last long, two very short marriages. This was devastating. Iwas raised that,marriage was  forever.  However along came a man that made me feel secure and I have been with him for about 30 years.  We wore married in 1988

Yes I am blessed and grateful.

Youth In A Bottle

The manufactures of the beauty products may promise to erase lines and even wrinkles. They don’t. I looked at a program on this and the Doctors say no.

If the moisturizers and cleansers make you feel better and even look better use them. I think moisturizers give me a glow. Plastic surgery, botox, to erase lines and wrinkles I don’t care for. A lady once told me she would not go through any pain that she didn’t need except for health.

I feel the same way. In fact some people look better as they age. I think sometimes it is from eating right, exercising and generally taking care of oneself. Exercising and proper grooming routines help. This is what I do. If I feel that a cosmetic works for me I stick to that rather than trying everything on the market. If you feel good on the outside it will show on the outside

When I am feeling down about myself I practice affirmations about myself . I think I must like myself because I can have fun alone and do things like going to the mall and even the library and enjoy myself. Hope you have enjoyed these tips, Love
others but don’t forget yourself and take care of yourself.

Another Mind and Place

I look,outside my home and see my neighbors cars and others.  I close my door because I  don,t want to look at strange people pass by    just to have a quicker time to get to whatever.

I hear my neighbor,s music and I almost welcome it.  Sometimes there is peace and quietness. I think about the traffic and the chaos but see a quiet road surrounded by grass and beautiful trees.  The large one across the street looks like a picture.  I see a squirrel running pass it.

I go in the backyard and look at the flowers, the vines running up the fence.  A beautiful red bird perches on the fence.  I know that this is what only God can make and I am fine.





The Maze I am In

I walk through this maze of life and try to find my own mind, some peace among the chaos.  I am reading about Buddha and wonder if I already have these advocates these thoughts in me.  Are they buried with other thoughts from other people.  I think I have changed because others want me to and have.  Deep down I know I haven’t and I may be buried underneath them, my mind, my soul.  Will reading about this foreign thing to me change me.  I don’t think so probably just bring me back to myself and I’ ll have the peace of mind I so badly want.  Peace is truly finding oneself. and maybe coming back.