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Knock Knock

Knock knock. Open the door. I’m the window of your mind.
Let me in. I’ve come to tell you something.
I’ve listened to the negative thoughts about yourself long enough.

Some people would like those negative thoughts to stay in your mind.
I am other thoughts in the window of your mind.
Don”t let the negative thoughts stay there.
I am other thoughts in the window of your mind.
They say you can achieve. You can be happy. You can move on from negativity.

Come on. Try it. Let me in. knock knock

So Who Are You?

Lady: So who are you dressed so beautiful and smart?
Not in a dowdy housedress and plain hairdo like me.
I could never get my hair like that or even look like you.

Answer: Yes you can.

Lady: You mean I can? I could? No I never could.
Who are you standing there looking so smart and sophisticated?
You look like somebody I may know but I just can’t think of who.
Maybe I saw you in a magazine or something. Yes. That’s it.

Answer: Oh I’ve been around a long time waiting for you to leave.
You see I’m the other side of you waiting to come out.

Lady: I long to be but I know I can’t.

Answer: Yes you can. You deserve to be. When you realize that
you will be.

Lady: You’re right. I think I do. I do deserve to be and I’ll come to be.


The Journey

I don’t understand the journey. I can’t explain it. I know it’s not as I planned but it happens that way. It’s not all I wanted but sometimes it’s more than I expected.

Sometimes it was stale, just stayed in the same place There were other times it pushed me to another place. Then it became fun and learning and achieving more than I expected to. Maybe because I was in my adult life and thirsted for what I had lost in the adult years and hadn’t done in my childhood.

I don’t know. Something drives me and I’m afraid of being driven. There is something in me that may burst if I don’t keep seeking and finding. Seeking and finding what I have to do in this journey.