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This Is Me

I haven,t posted in a while.  I could not seem to get it together.  However I decided to just write whatever.  Please forgive me if I make errors.  I decided to take the day off and not to worry about housework or hobbies that I call tools for stress.

I will eventually go out and look in the stores and reward myself with fast food.  I do this about once a week.  It keeps me from feeling like a recluse that doesn,t know what,s going on in the world.  The tv gives me some insight and news.

I have learned not to always bèlieve what I read about the stars.  I noticed that these so called beautiful and rich people marriages don,t last long.  So I try not to copy them but learn from them.

I think Jada Pinket Smith has a lot of depth to her as well as beàuty and I admire a few others in the news.  I admire Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi.  Also Michelle Obama.  I am reading her book, Becoming Me

Well I have to close now but must tell you that I càn be fragile but become strong and rise above things.



The Simple Life

I feel so plain and simple but with a swish of my comb I’ll have a new hairstyle. I’ll put on my red lipstick and makeup and I’ll be completely different.

I think I’ll wear one of my pencil skirts and that new camisole I just bought. I’ll top it off by wearing my new black patent high heels not those plain old flats I’ve been wearing.

I’ll avoid the stares and smiles because I’m really a shy girl underneath.
Oh well here I am walking down the street. Why is that man looking at me with that lustful look? Is my skirt too tight, my top too low? No. He’s just being a dirty old man.

I pass another guy and notice how cute he is. I smile brightly and say hi. He returns the smile and starts a conversation with me. I leave him with my phone number and think what an interesting day.

So I got all dressed up. Where did I go taking so much care to be dressed just right? Oh just to the drugstore around the corner from my house. You see I’m just a plain shy girl at heart. However it was worth it meeting that cute guy and all. I wonder when he’ll call. I smile to myself.