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As My Days Go

The last few days this week I have done some of our filing, a little cleaning and played a few piano solos on my keyboard.

I have managed to pray the bad feelings and thoughts out sometimes.  I have gotten samples of cosmetics in the mail which I ordered.  I like makeup even though I have a lot but don’t put very much on.  I am constantly organizing the stuff and find it fun. 

I listened to Rihannas CD and sang alone with her, fantasizing that I can sing as great as

her.  I went to Walmarts last weekend and even though I picked up quite a few things I decided not to get the CD’s I want, after seeing it was rather hard to find them.  Of course I have Norah Jones lastest and can play hers and sing along with her.  When I want something different I’ll play Santana.

I went out  today to run some errands.  I enjoyed the beautiful spring day and seeing people, some smiling, some not, probably thinking I may not be so friendly as I was thinking about them.  I usually go to a drugstore as I did today about once a week and stock up on personal stuff and fun stuff for the weekend.  Sometimes a movie, CD, a magazine, and I confess treats. Maybe I’ll buy a case of wine coolers or a nifty margarita in a envelope that is already mixed.  I didn’t today since I decided a coke or pepsi would do. 

Sure I bought things I really need like toothpaste and mouthwash but I had to look at the different displays of makeup and glanced at the organizers.  I confess I did buy the Cover Girl/Oil of Olay cream powder.  Well we all have our weaknesses.



May I save these thoughts,


I think I have alluded to the fact that I dislike cleaning in an earlier post. Today (despite this dislike) I decided to clean my closet (no fun…seriously, none whatsoever). Here’s what I learned. I have A LOT of stuff.  A lot of needless, useless stuff, that I have been holding on to because, “I may need it later.” Guess what? Later came…I didn’t need them. So today as I was cleaning, I made a conscious effort to not think to myself, “I may need this later”. Oddly, trying to maintain this frame of thought was harder than you would think. As I struggled to let go of things that I will never use again, I had this thought…Why do we get so attached to STUFF?  This need to accumulate possessions is not just a disease of the closet, it is a disease of life.

The latest gadgets and hippest clothes have become…

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Place to Visit

If you come to my hometown there’s a very interesting place to visit.  It has all kinds of foods, cakes and muffins. mexican, chinese, and jamaican chicken.  You can find clothes and lots of fun things, jewelry and even tupperware.  Take your pick.  I got two beautiful tunics on one visit beautiful Indian design for only $10.00 each.  I picked up cosmetics, listened to music, ate lunch there and many different people.

You can walk around freely and admire the scenery.  The place is called Farmer’s Market.


Really comical.

Ambling & Rambling

Ponce de Leon thought, upon arriving in St. Augustine, Florida, that he had discovered the “Fountain of Youth”. Senor de Leon would undoubtedly be shocked to discover that Florida has become NOT the place to maintain one’s youth but, instead and for many, the final destination before the grave. It’s a veritable “hot spot” for The Grim Reaper! Why should he haul that heavy scythe all over creation when he can knock off, in a manner of speaking, most of his “to-do” list with a short jaunt to sunny Florida? I have no personal experience with The GR myself, but one would think that, having made his career in the business of death throughout the whole history of humankind, he would appreciate the kind of one-stop shopping and increased productivity that a place like Florida could afford him.

I have been giving this whole idea of a more youthful appearance…

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