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MiiTA COLLECTION: “Same Shirt-Different Day”

I wear T shirts and my husbands too big Tshirts are exscellent for me to sleep in.

The Designer Divulgence

Sometimes our outfits are like really great boyfriends that you just want around you day after day. They speak for themselves and say cute stuff like, “Hello pretty, remember how great I made you looked yesterday?”

And of course, you do remember! You remember how great you looked at dinner, and how pretty you looked at work, and obviously how awesome you looked in front of the most important thing, the mirror. And damn, did it feel good…

It felt so good you thought to yourself, can’t I just wear it again today? But unfortunately, NO! Because if we did, we’d be running a fine line between Daring and Dirty, and that’s a gray area that’s far too risky to be caught on the wrong side of.

However, I think I’ve solved this “Same Shirt-Different Day” Dilemma…

While doodling the other day I thought about creating a pretty top in…

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Interesting blog and informative.

Deconstruction Crafts

When I was 14 I read an article in Seventeen Magazine that shared how some everyday household items could double as hair care products. Among them, mayonnaise. Mayonnaise (I found out) works also as a conditioner, so I had to try it out. I don’t remember if it worked any better than the Herbal Essences I used to use then, but I was so excited about this innovation that I kept mayo in the shower for almost two weeks before my poor parents realized what was going on.

I share this gross story because the DIY innovations, and tips and tricks that I see today aren’t all that revolutionary when you’re just giving your money to Kraft (now Mondelez International as of Oct 2012) rather than Procter & Gamble. DIY for novelty’s sake doesn’t forward anything, doesn’t actually teach us anything, and perpetuates consumption for consumptions sake.

I admit that I’ve…

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