Meet a Forum Volunteer: Tess Warn

I really need this News

If you’ve ever had a question about, chances are you’ve visited our Community Support Forums. Forums are a great place to search for solutions and get answers. While our Happiness Engineers help out in these forums, enthusiasts — people who are passionate about and helping fellow users — provide the majority of answers.

We have previously interviewed forum volunteers Sergio Ortega (airodyssey) and Mike Brough (auxclass). Today, we’re excited to introduce another prolific volunteer: Tess Warn (1tess). We asked her a bit about herself, how she got involved in the forums, and her tips for getting and providing great support.

You’ve been blogging at Tess’s Japanese Kitchen since 2007. Tell us about your blog, how you got started, and why you chose Warn

My blogging hobby began in a forum connected to Taunton Press’ Fine Cooking magazine. Here is a secret: people who…

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