Youth In A Bottle

The manufactures of the beauty products may promise to erase lines and even wrinkles. They don’t. I looked at a program on this and the Doctors say no.

If the moisturizers and cleansers make you feel better and even look better use them. I think moisturizers give me a glow. Plastic surgery, botox, to erase lines and wrinkles I don’t care for. A lady once told me she would not go through any pain that she didn’t need except for health.

I feel the same way. In fact some people look better as they age. I think sometimes it is from eating right, exercising and generally taking care of oneself. Exercising and proper grooming routines help. This is what I do. If I feel that a cosmetic works for me I stick to that rather than trying everything on the market. If you feel good on the outside it will show on the outside

When I am feeling down about myself I practice affirmations about myself . I think I must like myself because I can have fun alone and do things like going to the mall and even the library and enjoy myself. Hope you have enjoyed these tips, Love
others but don’t forget yourself and take care of yourself.

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